Thursday, October 21, 2010

not in a hurry & taking it slow...

reading good stuff out there...this blog post has gotten me thinking about how I want to approach jiu jitsu.

Now if jiu jitsu was my 'first dance' with finding an activity that sparked my passion - my approach would be a *whole* different story.

It was a whole different story in 1996 when I started playing pool.   I became addicted.  My life revolved around pool - I ate, slept and dreamed about pool.  I constantly practiced and played in tournaments.  I scoured the internet for info, i watched DVDs, I took lessons. I lived in Texas at the time and traveled the country playing in tournaments. I would play anywhere from 15 - 40 hours a week(sometimes spending 15 hours on Saturdays in the pool hall).  I had a plan and was DETERMINED to become I professional pool player.  In December 2000 - I qualified and played in my first (and last) WPBA pro event.

Then a break-up when my then boyfriend(the love of my life), put pool in perspective and my addiction was broken.  Just like my relationship with pool was broken.  I was so hard on myself.  Even when I was winning tournaments I wasn't happy.  I always "could've played better" "not made any mistakes"...could'a would'a should'a...

hard lessons learned...

since then - when I find something that sparks my passion (and there are so many great things out there to try) I have my experience with pool to put it in perspective.

This is my approach to jiu jitsu
  •  if I can't laugh at myself - then i'm taking it too seriously
  • if I am not having fun - then i'm taking it too seriously
  • i will focus on the basics and progress at MY pace - not at the pace of others 
  • i *forgive* myself for not being perfect
  • i will be patient with myself
  • when I am training or competing I will give it my all
  • i will not beat myself up over mistakes but will learn from them
  • i will listen to my body and rest when I need rest
  • if life demands get in the way - I won't resent them (jiu jitsu will always be there)
  • i will respect all my opponents - they are here because they love what they are doing and have put time and effort into it - How can you not respect that?  (even they are acting like a$$holes - believe me - I've acted like an a$$hole before)

In 2001 I stopped competing and playing pool.  I moved to Boulder, CO in early 2001 and found other passions.   Motorcycle racing, rock climbing, and of course mountain biking.   I laid my pool cue down and never looked back.  I started dabbling in pool a couple of years ago after an 8 year hiatus.  I still love the game but can take it or leave it...playing in spurts here and there.   I still have a lot of my skill and it's fun to be out and whoop up on the boyz every now and I can't imagine giving up all my free time (and life) for pool.

lessons learned...


  1. That's a refreshing post: I read a lot of blogs that say things like "jiu jitsu is my lifestyle, I eat sleep and breathe jiu jitsu, I want to be a world champion." However, unless you're actually an elite competitor, I don't think that is a particularly healthy approach to life.

    I feel it's important to always have a broad range of interests, not just obsess completely about one. Otherwise, should the time come when for some reason you can't do that one activity, you're screwed. There is nothing to fall back on, just a big gaping hole.

  2. @Slidey Now you sound like Liam. Geeez! :)

    @jiu jitsu junkie Glad you got to join in on the BJJ addiction! I am in love with it and keep it fun also. My background is--a black belt in tv watching, so I'm not too hard on myself and DEFINITELY try to have a good time while doing it.

    Nice blog, btw!