Friday, October 1, 2010

a different kind of "workout"

I had my 3rd session this week - i want to record my thoughts so I can see/remember my initial impressions as i continue onward.

(this may sound silly ) so far jiu jitsu seems have some similarities to motorcycle road racing. Let me tell you - I sure loved racing my moto but it didn't give me everything I needed so i gave it up and switched to mtn biking.

I'm thinking the accessibility to jiu jitsu and the fact the sessions are never more than 2 hours (2 hours is short workout in my book) and i'm not totally fried after a session it will be a nice addition to my mtn biking. I do think my cardio endurance(aerobic & anaerobic) will help me with jiu jitsu. I'm keeping my fingers crossed my body can take both sports at the same time.

both moto road racing and jiu jitsu require

  • a calm mind in the face of danger
  • quick reaction times
  • split second timing
  • the ability to quell the panic
  • the ability to instantly relax parts of your body while tensing other parts
  • trusting muscle memory
  • anticipating what is coming up next
  • quick mental ability to analyze a situation and ACT appropriately
  • lots of isometric strength
  • the ability to not panic when things get up-close and personal ("trading paint" as they say in the moto world)

why i gave up motos

The thing I wasn't getting from motos was the anaerobic and aerobic cardio that I so love.

Whenever I mtn bike race - I'll know I get a HEAVY dose of suffering and if at some point I'm not a drooling, snarling, have my eyes wanting to roll back into my head - then I'm not racing hard enough. If my throat isn't raw and sore(due to gasping for air) after racing for 3 hours - then I wasn't racing hard enough.

Besides the beautiful, sweet, singletrack available in Colorado - I love the suffering. The pain of a climb, the exhilaration to a fast, scary downhill.

I hope there's some kind of suffering involved in jiu jitsu...i guess i'll find out.

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