Tuesday, September 28, 2010

thoughts from round two

First of all - i almost didn't go to class tonight. I *really* wanted to go but I am pretty beat up from a mountain bike crash on Saturday.

I raced an 8 hour race on a duo (female) team. (we won!) I crashed pretty hard on my last lap. Huge bruises on my hip, swollen/banged up knee and a skinned up elbow. My knee hurts pretty bad - I can't bend it very far.
:( I was hesitant to go to class - but thought of missing a training session didn't set well with me so I went. (suck it up buttercup - i told myself)

skinned up elbow :(

bruises healing nicely after 5 days.

I wonder if you get this beat up in jui jitsu? ;)

Hairdo status:
The modified "princess leia" hairdo held up pretty well. I was surprised but it didn't get in the way during the warmup rolling exercises and during the training session it stayed put. I'm stoked it's gonna work out. I do look pretty goofy - but what can you do??

I need a new outfit:
The instructor brought a A0 and an A1 gi for me to try on. Sadly - neither one worked for me. The A0 sleeves were too short (that's a first) and the A1 was ginormous on me. :( I guess I'll be on the hunt for a gi that fits me. At 4'10" and 110lbs - that's the story of my life - not being able to fit in normal people clothes...and the reason I have 3 custom mountain bikes. being petite has it's bennies but also has it's drawbacks...

jeesh - i sound like a girlie-girl talking about my hair and new of a new outfit. hee-hee...I crack myself up!

grappling with the men
This is my 2nd session and i trained with the instructor (Mike)and one other guy(Richard). Both super nice guys. I've read other blogs and websites where a lot of women feel very uncomfortable grappling with the men.

so far that's not a problem for me. Maybe because Mike and Richard seem very respectful and not all macho (though I'm sure there a ton of macho guys in this sport). And maybe because I've participated in so many male dominated sports - I don't mind it being so physical.

I will admit a couple of times while doing the moves I realized my boobs were pretty much *right in* the face of the person I was grappling with. A flitting thought of "oops" would cross my mind but then I would shake it off and get back at the task at hand.

Even tho some of the positions are very intimate - it doesn't feel sexual to me. will that change or will i suddenly become uncomfortable? I dunno...i'm guessing it will depend a lot on the people I train with.

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts on this later...

but so far - i'm still hooked (line and sinker!)


  1. Heh - at first I thought picture two was from jiu jitsu. I normally have big reddish splotches after training up and down my arms and legs (of the non-dangerous variety, as opposed to MRSA or something like that).

    Of course, they don't normally hurt, unlike falling off a bike. Not sure what the scientific explanation is: pressure or something?

  2. This was what my knees looked like after my first week in BJJ:


    I found that only during the first week or two did I feel like things were vaguely sexual, and even then, only during drilling. So no, if it's not there, it shouldn't just appear.

    Nice to meet you!