Friday, September 24, 2010

life's an adventure, eh?

it all began when I saw the show "Ultimate Gracie" on Spike TV. It peaked my interest, i investigated, i signed up for a "free" class and i'm hooked.

and of course (and i don't why) i've fallen in love with *another* male dominated sport. so in typical "cynthia fashion" I'm 100% in and will embrace it with everything I have.

in case you're wondering previous/current sports/activities: motorcycle road racing, ice speedskating, semi-pro pool player, mountain biking and now jiu-jitsu.

And as with learning anything new - you have to be prepared to swallow your pride, feel like a spaz, and look like a idiot. I'm ready - so let's go!

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  1. Awesome: it is great to not only see more women in the sport, but more mature women. Even better is that I can now think of at least five blogs (added in a mini-list here) written by a female BJJer in her forties. Good luck with training! :D