Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bjj bruise impact

It's boot weather here in Colorado and I have a 'boot problem'.  I love my boots, love to wear them with skirts or with my jeans tucked in and every year I add a couple more to the collection.

I ordered a super cute pair of ankle boots by the Italian shoe maker Moma - the UPS guy arrived yesterday with my new gi (pix soon) and my ankle boots.  yay!

I was looking forward to wearing my new gi to class last night and my new boots to work today.
I injured my toe last night and it's really painful to put shoes on.   I have a pretty decent pain tolerance (or so I thought)  My toe isn't broken (I don't think so anyway) but the only shoes I can stand to wear are my Dansko clogs.  so no wearing of the new boots today.  boo!

injured toe (4th toe on right foot)

new boots - not to be worn anytime soon  :(

Class was great last night.  I feel very slow and uncoordinated but I know i've only been doing this a couple weeks and it will get better.  There were 2 guys in glass I have not seen before and so it was nice to practice on different people.  
Both of them were larger than the other guys in the class - so I liked the chance to see what it felt like working with a much larger person.  They were both super nice and respectful too.   

man - i love this sport! 

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  1. I'm glad you have really good training partners! Awesome! Welcome to the addiction!