Thursday, October 7, 2010

new gi

my first gi arrived this week.

I think it fits fairly well.

I was a bit worried about the sizing for an Atama F1 
  • 4'9 = 5'0" (check - I'm 4'10")
  • 85 - 100lbs (uh...I'm not in this range - i'm 110lbs which is smack dab in the middle of the next size up)
I decided the F1 would be my best bet - because even tho I'm 110lbs -mtn biking and ice speedskating have put some muscle on my legs and butt.

Actually before I started being physically active 10 years ago - my weight was between 99 - 102lbs.   Do this day I can still comfortably wear clothes from 10 years ago so my clothing size hasn't changed just my body composition has changed.

My instructor has the same gi and he says the pants won't shrink but the jacket will.  I like the way to pants fit - plenty of room to move and I don't feel constricted at all.  The jacket feels a little bit to me but hopefully that will take care of itself after a few washes.

painted my toe nails for the 1st time in like 30 years.


front view
 back view
Once I know more - I'll probably do an official gi review...


  1. My daughter loves it, but sadly, she's close to outgrowing hers.

  2. yeah - those kids have a way of our growing stuff. ;) hmmm...the quality seems to be really good for this gi...I might be interested in purchasing it after she out grows it.

  3. Congrats on the gi!