Monday, November 15, 2010 is getting in the way!

Things have been busy.  

I just spent 2 weeks in Tucson, AZ visiting my sister (so no bjj).   We did do a 4 day - 300 mile bike ride all over Southern AZ.   

Then I tackled the a big climb.  Mt. Lemmon.  My ride was ~50miles round trip and it included a 20 mile climb with over 5500ft elevation gain.   Let me tell  you that climb is not for the faint-of-heart.   It was tougher than Independence Pass in Aspen.  3 SOLID hours of relentless climbing.

Then I was home for 2 days but unexpectedly had to go to Kansas with my boyfriend for 3 days. 

Life is messing with my hobbies!

I hired a coach for my next year mtn bike goals so I'm officially training for my BIG mtn bike race next year - The Breck Epic.   Luckily my coach has included bjj as part of my off-season training plan.  But between being out of town, my 3x a week at the ATC, and having to ride my bike 8 - 20 hours per week, working and living LIFE  I haven't been able to fit it in all this month.  Super bummed...hope to hit it hard in December. 

I'm really missing bjj!!!

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